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Forsaken is a continuously running LRP game set in a modern day United Kingdom during a biblical style apocalypse. The main game began one year after the “end”, and continues to run with several events each year.

It provides a space for those who survived to tell their stories, of love, sorrow, heroism, failure and success. Whilst there are elements of survival horror the focus of the larp is on the character who inhabit it, Forsaken has been described by a player as "an emotional drama set in a apocalyptic world".

With many faiths being represented we ask that religious play be done in a manner which does not mock or seek to cause offence towards those who believe in that religion or faith. Many themes within the game will have some basis in numerous religious texts and faiths. We aim to tell a story not to subvert or mock any of these texts or beliefs. Our use of some material may cause offence. If it does then we ask that anyone playing or running the game in these circumstances contact us directly.

Recent News

It is now possible to play Djinn; for more details.

NEW CALL "Control X"